Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angry Pouch Bags

Hey guys!!!  Ginny hear

       I recently got my new singer sewing machine. I was so happy when I got it that I dint opened untill the 3rd day. I was to exited because I couldn't believe I finally had my own :0) Corny is in it lol. Anyways Its the singer computerized sewing machine. It comes with 60 built in stiches and some decorative ones. I got it on sale for only $99 at walmart. The normal price is $165 So I save my self a little cash :) I had normally put the 7 stich sewing machine in lay way at k-mart but when I saw the add from walmart I desided to cansel the lay away and run to walmart and get it.
       Well that enough about that. I begin to work in a few projects this week . I was making little pouches to sell for little girls. But then I though to my self I only have boys I can make some so that they can store their mini toys in it. Since they are always losing them. I came out with this crazy idea of adding an  angry bird. I cut out some shapes out of felt and begin to form my angry bids. Once I had all the shapes cut out I began to sew and came up with a cute angry bird  pouch bag. This one are  the first ones I made so far. Their not perfect because I just made them fast as I picture it in my head  before the idea went away. They don't look to good because they were created unexpected.But that is the idea. I hope you like them.  I also  made two Santa hats, this were made in 5 minutes, that explains why they r so Crockett.  I ran out of material I need to go get me some more so that I can post a HOW TO TUTORIAL on this cutie bags

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