Friday, December 23, 2011

Angry birds templates

Well guys like I promise heare are the template to the anfry birds clips, you can srhink them to the sze you desire. The reason why I posted them this bis, Is becase Im working on some bin bags for my kids. You can use them for the clips or the bin bags or for what ever project you have n mind. I hope you like them. :) I been so bussy getting everything ready for Christmas, so I wont be posting any more projects until Jan. 2012. I hope you enjoy this project, they make perfect stocking suffers and/or projects to do with the children. I hope you have fun bonding with the family. Don;t forget to become a subscriver to Ginny's Creations. Have a Merry Christmas every one. See you soon...

Face for the birds the first two are the faces for speedy the yellow bird and the second s for toucan the green bird

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