Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Migajon is a traditional craft using bread paste dough molded into useful and decorative objects such as flowers, bridal decorations, rosaries and more. Thought to have originated centuries ago in Ecuador, migajon is a popular craft throughout South American and Mexico. Although frail in appearance, the Migajon dough is made from baked bread that dries hard and firm, enabling it to maintain its delicate look while being very sturdy. Hears a few samples of what can be made form it.


 Love can food? Have a lot of left over cans? Want to make the world a better greener place? Well hears a simple solution. The holidays are coming, and what can beat a DIY project for a perfect gift.

You will need
Empty can what ever size you have.
Pain of your choise. (I used acrylic)
Cut outs from magazines or stickers  u like
Glue stick
Crafters clear gloss spray paint
Lots of imagination.

  1. Prime the can and let dry
  2. Paint the can of your choice, you can even make little murals on it and let dry.
  3. Place stickers/cut outs where you think they look best. Let your Imagination flow, be very creative.
  4. After the glue dries go ahead and spray the can with clear gloss air-sol and let dry

There You have the perfect holly day gift. You can stuff it with candy, pencils, mini toys or anything you can fit in it wrap it with clear warping paper add ribbon make it look fancy. An inexpensive way to show someone you care not only for them but for the environment as well. Perfect for kids to make their own gifts family member love kids art work. try it out and show me your art projects. Have fun bonding with the family.