Sunday, November 6, 2011

Caprichikos-Bisuteria artesanal: Colgantes camafeos

Caprichikos-Bisuteria artesanal: Colgantes camafeos: (pincha para ampliar imagen) Una versión más moderna y alegre de los clásicos camafeos de toda la vida. (Consultame la disponibilidad del q...

Ayates For Sale

Hand painted and embroider "Ayated" for Dec. 12 order now. Made to fit. Prices may vary depending on size. We are also selling painted images cartoon version for kids make perfect gifts. Working on cold porcelan images and key chains. If you would like more details or to order e-mail me at

Ayates pintados a mano para el dia de GUADALUPANA agan su orden ya. Hechos a su medida. Precios verean dependiendo en el tamano.Tambien estaremos bendiendo imagenes de la Virgensita Buena onda hacen buen regalos para los ninos.Tambien estoy haciendo yaberitos y charms de porcelana fria. Para ams detayes  mandeme un e-mail a

                       Hasi es como lucen ya puestos/this is how they look once they are worn



Any Professional loggers out there that can help me out? I need help trying to reorganize my blog. I'm trying to set up an account to sell my products and different departments on my blog but I don't know how to do this. Can anyone out there be generous enough to please give me a tutorial on how to do so. I would really appreciated thank you.