Friday, December 2, 2011

Hair Bows


Im currently working on hair bows. So far this is what Ive got. they make a perfect gift for all of you who have little girls :( I dont only boys ): But I feel verry blessed to do so. Dispice that I am first making my own charms out of cold porcelain. hear is what I have so far. Please let me know what yhou think. I relly want to know your opininon.
For all you crafters  and people who want to learn out there. I will soon star posting tutorials on how to make your own charms. The charm with the most request will be the first tutorial and so on and so on. If theirs a character you are interested the most I will try my best to make it and then post a tutorial on it. For now I have all of my stuff on until I figure out how to sale on blogger :( so if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.  Im still trying to figure a lot of stuff on it since I just star it.
So take a good look at my charms and if you like one and woudl like to purchase one go to ( or if u like a charm and want a bow made with ur favorite charm I would be glad to make it for u.  I have limited color ribbons. The bows shown hear are for sale staring $5 a pair or $3 each prices may vary

2 sun shining I need to paint their face on and gloss, Minie Mouse w/pink bow and white dots
purple zebra hearts, Jack the pumking king, minie mouse w/red bow
Princess crowns, little red glittery hearts (need to be gloss)
Ni ho kai lan, Lala loopsie
Lupita, a mushroom, bananas, sunny side up eggs ( my 4 year old made the ones with the eyes closed)
pees in a pod, a strawberry, and sack bot.

         Jack the Pumpkin King bows  $5.00 the pair

Princess crown lace pink bows $5.00 a pair

I can also make your little girls favorite color up on request same price.

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